Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yes We Did! History Made As Healthcare Reform Passes

It's been a long road, and many of us weren't always sure of where we were along it.

Both the Senate version of the Healthcare Reform Bill and the Reconciliation Bill have passed tonight.

Healthcare Reform, flawed as many have acknowledged that this bill may be, is a reality.  This is a major step in the right direction for the American people.


  1. Awesome, I can't wait to be forced to buy insurance (from the same insurance companies demonized for the past year no less!) or be fined almost $700! The only people cheering this thing are the ones only in it for purely partisan reasons. This is not what I voted for last year.

  2. oh and by the way the Reconciliation Bill did not pass last night. It's up for vote later this week.

  3. Sorry, but this is what you would have gotten even if you hadn't voted for Pres. Obama... IF and in my opinion that is a mighty big IF, Hillary could have gotten this done, it would be the same or worse... Because she always was for a mandate.

    Besides, without a mandate there could be no holding the costs down... everyone has to be in it for the cost control measures to work.

    No, this isn't exactly what I wanted either.... I wanted Medicare for all, because I love mine and think it would be a good thing.. but this is the first step to making it happen. Even the President said last night it wasn't exactly what he wanted, but he is realistic enough..... much more than some of us... that you have to start, then you can build. Just as they did with Social Security and with Medicare and are still doing with Civil Rights.

    Sorry, Sky Girl.. didn't mean to go on so much.. ... Thanks for visiting my lowly blog and I appreciate the work you do and I will strive to be a force in my neck of Missouri.

  4. Waverly, stop being intentionally obtuse. You know good and well the house pass the Health Care and Education Affordability Reform Reconciliation Act of 2010 last night. Everyone knows that. The vote was 220-211.

    I think you are referring to the fact that the bill now goes to the Senate.

  5. Annette: I don't find your blog "lowly." Don't sell yourself short. We're all just out fighting the fight.

  6. You said the Healthcare Reform Bill AND the Reconciliation Bill passed, not true. The Reconciliation Bill, to try and fix the budgetary discrepancies isn't set to be voted on until Wednesday, in the Senate.

  7. Bored now. Waverly, you have got to make an actual point if you want me to respond further. Get a newspaper or something, dude. They passed the Senate version of the bill 219-212. It was the first damn vote. Then they voted on the Health Care and Education Affordability Reform Reconciliation Act of 2010. It passed 220-211.

    The bill will now go to the Senate. It has passed the house.

    Either you are, as I said above, being intentionlly obtuse, or you are completely ignorant of what you speak.

    Seriously. I'm done.

  8. Maybe I'm wrong, no need for you to be so rude and condescending though.

  9. Actually, I'm right and you're wrong

    "As soon as the president signs the health care legislation, Senate Democrats say they will take up the budget reconciliation bill, including the final revisions on health care and an overhaul of federal student loan programs.

    The Senate debate could start Tuesday afternoon."

  10. Are you saying the Times has the wrong info?


    How A Bill Becomes Law 101.

  12. I decided last night I'm being punked, and this proves it.

  13. I think it's funny how you rejected my comment when it totally trashed your argument about some supposed SENATE reconciliation bill passing alredy. That's a totally dishonest way to blog.

  14. I trashed your comments because you commented on the quality of my comments.

    And because they made you look ignorant, and I was trying to help you. The Senate version of the Healthcare Reform Bill Passed, as Stated in my original post. It was signed into law yesterday. The House pass the Reconciliation Bill, as stated in my original post, and is going to the Senate.

    You've been 1. playing a semantic game with how I worded my post and punking me all along OR 2. being intentional obtuse (kinda the same) OR 3. are totally ignorant of what was debated and passed Sunday night.

    Pick any option, I don't care. I won't be responding to any more of your comments on this thread.

  15. The Senate Reconciliation Bill did not pass. You do realize there are 2 separate houses of Congress, right? The House reconciliation bill passed. The Senate bill is still being debated and has not passed.

    There has been a roll call vote to PROCEED on considering bill, which means at this point amendments can be proposed and voted on, but the bill itself has not been voted on. You are wrong, is it that hard to admit?

  16. Dude,

    Waverly, We watch the news. We know the drill. We know what's still up for grabs. We know what's already had signatures put to paper.

    Do us all a favor and quit commenting on this thread. Seriously.

    Skygirl said "Both the Senate version of the Healthcare Reform Bill and the Reconciliation Bill have passed tonight" [in the US House of Representatives]. She's right.

    The Senate version she said passed is the version the Senate passed in December. It was signed into law yesterday. Do you watch tv?

    The reconciliation bill that passed is the one going on to the Senate, as she mentioned above in the comments.

    Are you trying to punk her or just being willfully obstuse? Either way, it's old. And you're wrong. Peace. Out.

  17. It's amazing how you're someone that's never posted here before and you sound EXACTLY like SG. Even using some of the EXACT same phrasing as her. Makes you wonder.

    But whatever, I'll bow out of this discussion, it's pointless anyway.