Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hahaha George W. Bush is an asshole

Between the 0:10 and 0:14 mark, the magic happens...

Oh man, what a guy. Dubbaya (G-dub to his token black friends) will go down to Haiti for a photo op, but don't ask him to NOT notice how dirty and disgusting Haitian hands are! Come on, everyone! He is the son of a former President and rich oil tycoon! And Haitians are so gross, you don't even know! It's like they don't even shower or something, like they don't have an abundance of clean running water!

George W. Bush has the tact and class of a three year old.

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  1. The Bush family: possibly the most well know and ethnocentristic family EVER! Remember Bab's comments about Katrina victims in Houston?