Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jo Ann Emerson Waves "Kill the Bill" Sign

Representative (and carpetbagging lobbyist) Jo Ann Emerson (Missouri 8th Congressional District) showed just how callous she is to the needs of her district today:

"As the House was voting on an unrelated bill, Republican Reps. Tom Latham of Iowa, Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri, Brett Guthrie of Kentucky and Gregg Harper of Mississippi stood on the south balcony off the House floor — an area known informally as "the beach" — holding pieces of paper that read "kill the bill" to a group of cheering protesters. "

Tommy Sowers, a veteran running for Congress in the 8th District, told Facebook fans today that 22% of the 8th District is uninsured.

Two of the top 5 industries contributing to Rep. Emerson?  Health Professionals and Insurance.

LATE ADDITION:  Show Me Progress has a statement from the Tommy Sowers campaign, here.

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