Thursday, March 25, 2010

Using Healthcare Reform as an Excuse to Behave Badly: The Violence Has Got To Stop

3/20/10  Members of the Tea Party call House Representatives derrogatory slurs and spit on Representative Emanuel Clever (D).  A brick was thrown through the window of the office of Representative Louise Slaughter (D).

3/21/10  The House of Representatives pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 219-212 and the Healthcare and Education Affordability Reform Reform Reconciliation Act 220-211.  Representative Russ Carnahan (D) had a coffin placed on his lawn.

3/23/10  President Obama signs Healthcare Reform into law.  Sarah Palin posts targets of Democrats she wants to replace in Congress with gunsights on Facebook.

3/24/10 Someone vandalizes a propane tank at the home of Representative Tom Perriello's (D) brother after a Tea Party activist posted his address online.

3/25/10 Representative Eric Cantor (R) confirms that someone fired a bullet through the window of his Virginia campaign office.  Representative Anthony Weiner (D) confirms that someone sent him a threatening letter in an envelop that also contained white powder. Representative Ginny  Brown-Waite (R) received a death threat by voice mail. Majority Whip James Cyburn (D) received a faxed picture of a noose at his home.   The Senate passes the reconciliation bill 56-43 and sends it back to the House.

LATE ADDITION:  Apparently, nobody actually fired a bullet directly at Eric Cantor's anything.


  1. You know SG, it's really sad when the opposition has to throw such a deliberate and ugly temper tantrum when they don't get their way. Typical.

  2. The shouting and lies didn't work so the right figures it must resort to violence and intimidation to stay relevant. Part of the plan is to unleash trolls on the web to make their numbers look bigger than they really are. Mr. Piper prbably has dozens of aliases.

  3. Truth, I've been wondering all along if I don't know Peter by a couple of other names.

  4. There have always been wing-nuts on both side of the political divide that promote violence. The difference is that on the left, they are an isolated fringe, disavowed by the base, and condemned by the leadership. On the right, they have become the base and are actively courted and encouraged by the leadership.

  5. No one called anyone racial slurs, I posted a link to the video showing that and strangely no one commented on it.

    Oh and the accidental spittle that hit Clever was just that, accidental. There is video of that too I could post for you all to ignore.

    As I black man I find your false insinuations pretty insulting. We had to endure pretty harsh racism in the past and for a bunch of white people like you all here to chime in and try to gin up racial turmoil for short term political gain is beyond unacceptable.

  6. @Waverly the ever-lurking troll: No one commented because you are wrong. I chose to go with Emanuel Clever's version (he was there, and the victim), and the multiple news sources that investigated and ran the story in multiple venues.

    So I choose to believe a black Representative from my State, whose work I am familiar with, and you tell me I'm a white person who is trying to "gin up racial turmoil for short term political gain?" You'd rather me believe a total stranger who has a history of trolling my blog with pointless, ignorant, baseless arguments that prove he/she has no understanding of even the most basic political processes in our country?

    Am I white? You 100% sure about that? Is my spouse? Are my children? What about my mom? You assume too much, Waverly. I might be white, but I might not. You might be black, you might not. It's the internet. I'm not even sure, based on your IP information, you're not the same troll I kicked out right before you showed up. The state of Georgia seems to love to hate on my blog. Also, you are on my blog more often than any person in the world except me. WTH? My hits in the profile numbers I review include posting, moderating comments, and everything. Why are you here so much???? Get a life!

    You are the only person on this blog trying to say that the incident reported on by multiple news sources didn't happen.

    You are also the only person here who made that beyond stupid argument about a bill that was signed into law a few days later not even passing the House.

    THE POST WAS ABOUT VIOLENCE ON BOTH SIDES WHICH I FEEL IS UNCALLED FOR, UNJUSTIFIED, AND NEEDS TO STOP. It is equally as unacceptable for Ginny Brown-Waite (a Republican) to be called a bitch and threatened as it is for anyone to be called the n-word or a faggot, as Democrats were. The whole thing has gotten out of control.

    If you missed that, you missed, as usual, the entire point of my post.

    I don't know why you feel insulted, but if you do, feel free not to read this blog anymore. Seriously. It should free up A LOT of your time.

    If you thought my last comment calling out your behavior was "vague," I hope this clarifies things for you.

  7. Wait till the Long Beach NY troll follows me here Sky Girl. At least this idiot knows everyone has stat counters that tell us where they came from so he/she/they? generally don't leave comments on left leaning blogs anymore. More for monitoring I guess.

  8. Here's members of the Black Caucus not being called racial epithets:

    And here's Emanuel Cleaver being the victim of a vicious "say it don't spray it incident":

    I don't see any reason why you would insist these supposed racist incidents happened when video evidence proves they didn't. You went out of your way to disprove Cantor but readily accept anything a Democrat says and turn a blind eye to documented evidence to the contrary, if that's not exploiting these incidents for political gain then I don't know what is.

    Also, I would hope someone that has a grand total of 612 hits to her site would appreciate the few readers she has that read her words and engage in conversation regarding her posts, but I guess not. You can call me a troll all you want, but you're the one insulting people, I'm just trying to set right some points I feel you've presented falsely. If you disagree with what I say then prove me wrong, don't dismissively waive me off as a "troll" so you don't have to back up your words.

  9. Shakes head, as Waverly misses the point yet again.

  10. @Waverly: the benefit of watching the news on multiple channels, reading the news on multiple sources, and reading multiple blogs rather than just haning out at one person's, is that I don't have to go "out of my way" for stuff. Sometimes new info just falls into my lap and I can update my posts with the corrected information. See how being informed works?