Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vote For the People


  1. How is it a vote "for the people" if the people, according to every poll for the last 3 months, say they don't want it?

    He's too consumed with his own legacy that he refuses to listen to "the people". Bush was the same way.

  2. Link me in, Waverly. And then I'll link you in to polls that show just the opposite.


    Most polls shows that people want some kind of reform, even Republicans want some kind of reform, people just overall dislike the current plan and the process.

  4. Ok, been watching the debate tonight. I am so sick of the minority party telling me they represent the majority of Americans. You know, they say that about all kinds of stuff, not just health care. They say it about abortion, and religion in public schools, and all sorts of issues.

    You know what, far right conservatives? The truth is that if your views were really representative of the majority of Americans, Pat Robertson, Ron Paul, or Mike Huckabee would be President.

    They're not, because the majority of Americans are not on your side. In fact, the reason we have the huge debates is because the country is very evenly split on many constroversial issues. It's why they are controversial.

    So stop saying you represent "the majority" of Americans. It's ridiculous.

  5. Waverly, I'm tied up on about 3 blogs right now, and listening to the House debates. I will get you some links later, though hopefully they will be irrelevant by the time I get to them.


    People actually educated about the plan were polled in this one.

  7. I post you results from 2 reputable firms and you counter with one poll from some company I've never heard of?

  8. Name a single news national news organization that uses them as a valid source on opinion polls?


    Another poll, from today

    "In fact, health care was the policy area that drew the second highest negative rating, with 58 percent registering disapproval."

    Are you still going to say this is what the people wanted?

  10. More relevant today, since it's passed the House (yes, I know, the Senate will be voting later this week, not one has ever said they won't be, let's just get that clear), is the fact that both Gallup and Rassmussen (you've heard of Gallup, right? And you quoted Rassmussen) have showed President Obama's ratings up today, since the passing of the HRC bills in the House (yes, they passed, I know that's a sticking point with you):

    Or you could focus on what these numbers actually say about the Republicans, when you consider that some who did not favor the bill thought it was not liberal enough, and they trust the Dems and Obama more than Republicans:

    Or you could just take a deep breath and let it go. That's what I'm going to do, starting now.

  11. As much as people tout polls, I hate them, they're nothing but professional guesswork. Just like stats, they're 50/50 at best and the other 50 are made up on the spot.

    According to the polls, McCain was actually going to win a few states he eventually lost. This is just one of many instances where I think they aren't worth a damn.