Monday, February 15, 2010

What's Up In the Missouri 7th Congressional District?

I just Googled Missouri 7th Congressional District.  I wanted to know the latest on the election, because Roy Blunt (R) is moving on to other pursuits this fall (happy dance, happy dance, happy dance).  I know it's only February, and the elections aren't for awhile, but the Google hits seem fairly disorganized for an election year.

Congratulations to Kevin Craig, who managed somehow to get his name first in the list of hopefuls who got a hit on this search.  His website informs me he is a Christian Libertarian running for Congress and uses the phrase Liberty Under God in big red, white, and blue letters a lot.  Mr. Craig feels he is the only candidate running who believes in that concept, and his website goes so far as to point out that he is the only candidate that Thomas Jefferson and company would vote for.  Someday I'll write up my post about what Thomas Jefferson really thought about mixing Christianity with government, and maybe Mr. Craig will stop by to read it.  According to the website, you are not a True Blue American if you do not vote for Mr. Craig.  Okey Dokey.  Moving on.

I had to dig a little bit to round up all of the Republicans who are running.  I already knew some of them, but some are relative unknowns.  You could have State Senator Jack Goodman, though his website will not load up so I can't get a link.  Auctioneer Billy Long's website tells me he wants to send a citizen to Washington.  Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore is running.  Mike Moon, who has a flashy "Moon on the Hill" graphic, describes himself as a Ronald Reagan Republican.  There are Senator Gary Nodler and Nixa businessman Michael Wardell, whose websites again won't load up today (seems kind of important, doesn't it?).  Finally, Jeff Wisdom (kind of catchy, Wisdom for Congress, isn't it?), whose website doesn't work but whose blog does.  If you want to vote for a Republican, or just vote in the Republican primary, it looks like you are going to have a lot of learning opportunities ahead in the next few months.  The filing deadline hasn't passed, and several other Republicans have also hinted at entering the race.

Democrats?  Hello?  Democrats?  Independents?  Hello?  (Taps foot.  Looks at watch.  Waits.  Taps Foot.  Becomes increasingly annoyed).

Ok.  Well, there is one candidate.  This guy.  Tim Davis.  If you go to his website, you will see there is no information.  Nothing on his position on the issues, nothing except his education information, where he is from, and where he goes to church.  I recently met Mr. Davis and asked him what information he would have me post about him on this blog.  He conveniently did not ask me for my contact information so that he could share that with me in the future.

I will tell you this:  Mr. Davis is a fiscal conservative and a social ultra-conservative.  He is not a candidate Sky Girl would ever endorse for the position of king of the treehouse, let alone Congress.  I am not sure why he is running as a Democrat.  It is an insult to the intelligence of the liberals of the 7th Congressional District that he thinks no one will notice that he is not what he presents himself to be.

So again I say, Democrats?  Independents?  Democrats? 


  1. I had a 5 minute conversation with Tim Davis and I would NEVER vote for him!! He is a fiscal conservative, pro-life, against gay rights, didn't vote for Obama Democrat. REALLY?? I said Mr. Davis your a Republican! He seems to think he is a Democrate but can't really explain why??

  2. Have you seen

  3. I have seen it. Somebody emailed me a link after they saw this post.