Thursday, February 18, 2010

CPAC: Getting Out the Big Dick (again)

Is Dick Cheney still the best these people can do? 

"Hey, jackass, get your government off my freedom!"?????

Are these people for real?  You're talking about a bunch of people who want to tell me
1.  Which religion's morals should govern my legislation.
2.  What I can or cannot do with my body in the privacy of my physician's office (but only if I'm female, it    doesn't apply to men).
3.  Who I can or cannot marry.
4.  Whether or not my friends can openly talk about who they love if they are serving our country in the military.
5.  That everyone is not entitled to equal access to healthcare as a basic human right when we live in a country where state-of-the-art healthcare is available.
6. That women are not entitled to equal pay or equal work. 

Need I go on?  Get my government off your freedom?  Get your hate-based prejudiced value system out of my government!

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