Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Activism Wednesday!

It's Activism Wednesday, the one day a week I want every single person who reads this blog to do something to make the country a better place.  And don't just change your Facebook status.

Have you written your Strongly Worded Letter yet?  Because it still looks like Congress are chasing their tails.  Put pens to papers or get out your keyboards and get going.  Complaining without action is just lazy whining.

Here's a little Jimmy Eats World to get you going:

Are you gonna live your life
Standing in the back,
Looking around?

Are you gonna waste your time?
                                                       Gotta make a move
                                                       Or you'll miss out.

                                                       Someone's gonna ask you what it's all about,
                                                       Whatcha gonna have to say for yourself?

                                                       I'm on my feet, I'm on the floor I'm good to go.
                                                       So come on, Davey, sing me something that I know,
                                                       I want to always feel like part of this was mine...

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