Friday, February 19, 2010

Because We're Talking About Other Human Beings, Not Some Subclass of Creatures Called 'Negroes,' That's Why!

Here's a perfect example of what is wrong with some people in America today.  Why is this racist crap even out there?  I received this email today, with the subject line "Why should we even care?"

Haiti background:

In the 1700’s what is now Haiti was called the “Jewel of the Caribbean,”and supplied about 40% of the world’s sugar. 

In 1791 the government of France passed legislation to phase out slavery in its Caribbean colonies and grant the former Negro slaves citizenship. Rather than becoming citizens, Haiti’s Negro population mass murdered all whites and Mulattoes who could not flee the Island in time. Most all of the white women and girls were gang-raped before being tortured and murdered. A fire had been kindled among half a million black slaves that would not be extinguished till the last of the colony's 40,000 Whites and the majority of free blacks and mulattos had been killed or driven from the island.

In 1804 only full blooded Negros remained and Haiti became the first Negro ruled nation.

The Haitian revolution dominated America’s debate over slavery. While both the north and the south agreed that slavery should be ended, southerners and a large percentage of northerners universally opposed having a large population of freed slaves living in their midst. The Haitian “Revolution” was fresh in every one’s mind.

Flash forward to 1915, then 2010.

First 1915. The “Jewel of the Caribbean” is now a desolate cesspool, that is exporting almost no sugar. The United States decides to “take up the white man’s burden” and send the U.S. Marine Corps to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure and feed it’s starving population.

The United States gave huge amounts of money to Haiti and oversaw the building of 1,000 miles of roads, telephone lines, modernized its port, and helped Haiti to start exporting sugar once again.

The U.S. also put an end to the thousands of bandits along Haiti’s border with the Dominican Republic. The U.S. left in 1934 at the request of the then stabilized and very ungrateful Haitian government.

Haiti immediately sank straight back into total desolation and strife. In 1973 the United State once again began playing a huge role in Haiti, giving the Island huge sums of money in handouts each year.

In 1994 the Clinton administration once again sent the U.S. military to Haiti to rebuild the Island’s infrastructure.

In 1995 the U.S. Peace Corps went to Haiti in large numbers to train the Haitians in job skills. The U.S. government spent almost one billion dollars providing food and job training to the Haitians between 1995 and 1999.

Now, 2010. So when POTUS Obama says that Haiti has our “full, unwavering, support,” remember that they have had our full support since 1915.

What are the odds that the outcome will be different this time ?

Ps : I checked this info at 3 different sources to verify it’s veracity….Dick

Well, I don't know who Dick is, but he lives up to his name.  What a hateful, hurtful, racist, worthless, piece of crap bullshit email. 

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  1. Dick seems to pick and choose his facts, doesn't he? Haiti has known nothing but violence and oppression since shortly after being discovered by Columbus. I couldn't even read the actual atrocities enacted by the whites against the slaves. They were the things of nightmares. Suffice it to say, 'Dick' did not ever 'verify' his information.