Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Stack's Facebook Fans

Well this is disturbing.

I don't really even know where to begin. I'm sort of in shock at the insanity of it all. Nearly 400 people, in less than a day, have come out to declare themselves "fans" of the philosophy of Joe Stack.

Four hundred people is not really very many people. So at least I have that fact to comfort me. In all of Facebook there are only 400 totally insane morons who would like to throw their lot in with the philosophy of a deranged terrorist (so far). I suppose that is something. I should probably just focus on that.

It is, however, really difficult to not focus on the insane statements on the comment board of the Philosophy of Joe Stack Facebook fan page. Like, super difficult. Because the comments are just so disturbing. They would be totally hilarious if it turned out this whole fan page was just one guy with a bunch of fake accounts doing some satirical piece lampooning the Tea Party People. Unfortunately, I don't think that's what this is. And because that is not what this is, this fan page is not really funny at all. Actually is equal parts scary and sad.

At least one person died in this attack. Joe Stack was a terrorist. He killed a person. With an airplane. By flying that airplane into a building. Like on 9/11. Remember 9/11? I was forced to endure countless 9/11 references to things that were only vaguely and sometimes not even remotely connected to the atrocities in 2001 for many years, generally by conservatives trying to prove a point. Now, a dude straight flies an airplane into a government building and some people are all MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner about it?

What? The? Fuck?


  1. Well said. That this nutjob has fans is a terrifying comment on our society. But then again, it is CPAC week, which explains a lot.

    Great post. Will definitely be back. Thanks!

  2. Welcome, D. Great to see you at the Basket. Hugely awesome post.