Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holy Crap, Do You Get It Now?

Nothing really new to say about this. But I did add to the comments.

Crossing The Line

My thoughts are with the victims and their families, as well as the family of the mentally ill man who committed this horrible act.

Monday, December 6, 2010

One Thing I Love About Republicans...

One Thing I LOVE About Republicans....

I consider myself a Democrat, even though I would love to have the balls to call myself a true, blue Libertarian/Green Party die hard, (a hippy at heart.) However, I do admire the Republicans. WHY, you say? Well, here it is....not once in the pathetic eight years of the Bush administration, do I remember Republicans outwardly bitching about Bush. Not only that, they wouldn't have been caught dead grabbing pitchforks and declaring "injustice" of their figure head if he had chosen to do something that they even THOUGHT went against their party. I truly believe he could have pissed on the White House lawn, in full view of the media and the party would have found a way to spin it into "giving back" to the Earth. A fiscal conservative Republican who cringed at the idea of racking up a huge deficit by going into what they believed was an unjustified war, wouldn't say a damn word publicly that could damage the beloved leader of their party! Why?...because, apparently, they are having secret meetings and they all understood the power of "party cohesiveness." The power to BE in power lies the groups' unsaid, undying, unyielding power to stick together, through thick and thin....never an ill word muttered.

I love my democratic brothers and sisters...but it feels like we stand on our soapbox and want everything to be perfect..."But he promised"...."But he said he would fix it!" ....we whine with our hippy ideologies of a perfect world.

How bout this....if you're going to be on the team, then play the game. We, the big hearted Liberals, have to give up our self-righteous ideals, put a helmet on, on take one for the team. That means standing up for the best you got...because there is no such thing as a perfect politician, but we can't even stand behind the best starting line we've had in years. I'm not going to be a fair-weather voter anymore. I'm going to cheer for my team to the bloody end and not compromise team spirit by bitching about who's starting, who's coaching, or what the odds are....I will, however, bitch about the fans who won't even cheer at the game because the odds are against us. No longer will I be the parent who parent who consoles her child after the game with emotional hugs and encouragement like, "It's not who wins the game, honey, it's how you PLAY the game." You're damn right, it's how you play the game...and it's time we take a page from the Republican play book and play hard!! You can't always change the rules....and I'm freaking sick of losing!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Does it hold any meaning? Do you feel anything on the days that lead up to 9/11?

I wanted to try something a little different with this post. Let's leave politics alone for a moment and let's get real. What do you feel after 9 years? Are you still angry? Do you feel vulnerable? Do you feel a sense of pride? Are you sad? All of these emotions come in to play with me still to this day.

Let's make this about comments and I want to join the mix. Remember, no politics. This is about you and what you are feeling. Begin your

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Does Your Butt Hurt When Your Pants Are On Fire Like That?

Glenn Beck has stated, and many, including my esteemed co-writer The Average American, have tried to explain that the recent rally in Washington DC was an apolitical event.

As usual, Glenn Beck is a liar-liar-pants-on-fire type.  But what else is new?

The event was held in our nation's capital.  Were all the less political locations booked?

Mr. Beck stated the "Restoring Honor" rally was in part to "reclaim the civil rights movement."  The civil rights movement was a social and political movement.  You don't talk about political movements at your apolitical event.  And don't get me started on how racist that statement sounds, that's a different blog post.

"Today America begins to turn back to God."  Hard to discuss an entire country doing something, which a large part of the population has no desire to do, at an apolitical event.

Mr. Beck bothered to lie about holding George Washington's inaugural address in his hands.  Why talk about the founding fathers and their speeches if you're not trying to fire people up politically?  His reason for lying was as old as lies themselves: "I thought it would be easier."

And, like a lot of people at political events, Mr. Beck felt the need to tell people how many showed up.  He reported 350,000 to 600,000 initially, later settling on 500,000.  Crowd photography later revealed something more like 80,000 - 87,000 attended.

Sarah Palin was there.  I don't think of her as a politician.  But she thinks of herself that way.  She was in Iowa just this week.  And the people who attended the rally think of her as a politician.  I bet Mr. Beck does.  Why are you inviting politicians to an apolitical event?

Why does it matter if Glenn Beck lies?  What is the point?  The Average American says the left misses the boat spending so much time calling his sorry pants-on-fire butt out all the time.  But a couple of comments from his post sum it up pretty well:

"Make no mistake, however. Dr. Laura, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck are socially dangerous. They preach a hateful (yes, I used the word), divisive message meant to incite groups against non-white, non-Christian, non-conservatives. And they influence people to vote for the wrong reasons with misinformation. It's intentional, and the Republican Party doesn't shut it down or disengage from it because they need the votes. Their influence is scary, as seen on the signs and t-shirts of their followers, many of whom wouldn't know the US Constitution if it bit them on their presumptuous, self-righteous hineys."  -- Sky Girl

"Second, it absolutely matters where the information is coming from. Sarah Palin makes things up. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh make things up. Simply accepting what they say as truth is ceding reality to people who have absolutely no interest in whether or not they're correct. Calling them out on the statements they make is absolutely legitimate and not at all attacking people. These are the thought leaders of the right. They should be held accountable for their statements, should they not? "  -- Nate

The source of information matters.  Like it or not, Glenn Beck and others like him, who readily lie to make their points, have an audience.  The misinformation has to be corrected by the more informed.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Gift to the Left

I am going to give out some free advice today. It is my birthday, and I am feeling generous. The left had better wake up and realize that they are fighting a fight that is not winnable. While the right spends all of their time pointing out weak agenda and taking advantage of every misstep made by the current administration, the left thinks that they are taking or making a stand by attacking a private citizen(s) (albeit, high profile citizens). Be it Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or whomever, the left LOVES to point out flaws, or what they view as flaws, in a message given by PEOPLE not politicians. In fact, Beck's message and those who spoke with him, including Martin Luther King, Jr's. niece, was virtually void of any politics AT ALL.

Here is the stance of the left, in my opinion: We think the messenger is stupid, we think the message is stupid and we think the receivers of the message are stupid for believing said message (500,000 people, btw). And if we keep saying it enough, people will think we are smart.

Am I the only one looking at the polls? Any polls? Anything that the left is in charge of is in jeopardy of being lost over the next two years. And to say anything otherwise is a joke. Are the majority of Americans idiots or has the left just not done a good enough job of showing them that the the country is actually being run the way that it should be? Because if it is, you should get to explaining the positives before November.

This is my gift to you. Now use it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

SHAMELESS!!! (I'm Talking About Glenn Beck)

While I don't agree in full with the Color of Change's Turn Fox Off campaign (after all, even hate-spreading folks like Glenn Beck have 1st Amendment rights), these points they make about Mr. Beck's and Bill O'Reilly's  racist rants deserve some reprint here, given that the nut the psycho Mr. Beck is having a little shindig at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of one of the greatest civil rights speeches of all time.   From a letter circulating the Internet from the Turn Fox Off campaign:

A year ago, Glenn Beck called the President a racist who had a deep-seeded hatred for White people.1 In just over a week, he says he will "reclaim"2 the legacy of the civil rights movement by holding his "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC — on the same day and place as Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech.3

You can get mad at Beck. You can protest and try to prevent him from stepping on Dr. King's honor for one day. The reality is that the next day — and five days-a-week from there on out — Beck will be back on Fox News, speaking to millions and spreading hate, lies, and fear, as he does every week.

The real problem is Fox News. Fox News gives Beck his platform, and Fox promotes his events — all despite Beck losing virtually all of his major advertisers in the last year.

Fox's rhetoric is not just divisive; it's dangerous. Last month, a heavily armed man got into a gun fight with police after he was pulled over on his way to kill people at the Tides Foundation4 — a non-profit that was little known until Glenn Beck repeatedly demonized it, claiming it to be the center of a great conspiracy.5 Last year, Kansas doctor George Tiller was gunned down while at church6 after Bill O'Reilly called him a Nazi, a "baby killer," and warned of "Judgment Day."7

SHAMELESS!!! (I'm talking about myself)

I wrote an article last week that dealt with what I thought about the mosque being built in N.Y. City. I hope that you will listen and call in to my weekly radio show this week when we get deeper into the subject. You can listen on KWAM 990 in the Memphis area, or you can listen live at Every Saturday and soon to be Sunday at 4 o'clock, p.m. I truly can appreciate all sides of an argument, and I think you will find that to be true the more you get to know me.

We will also have a live report from the Lincoln Memorial about everything that is happening there tomorrow and we will also pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream Speech". I know someone is going to comment "That's not the name of the speech!" I know, but everyone knows what you are talking about when you say it that way.

Join my fan page on facebook, The Average American, and remember the Average American is not Democrat or Republican, it is YOU and ME. Never be defined by a title.

Thank you,