Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Gift to the Left

I am going to give out some free advice today. It is my birthday, and I am feeling generous. The left had better wake up and realize that they are fighting a fight that is not winnable. While the right spends all of their time pointing out weak agenda and taking advantage of every misstep made by the current administration, the left thinks that they are taking or making a stand by attacking a private citizen(s) (albeit, high profile citizens). Be it Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or whomever, the left LOVES to point out flaws, or what they view as flaws, in a message given by PEOPLE not politicians. In fact, Beck's message and those who spoke with him, including Martin Luther King, Jr's. niece, was virtually void of any politics AT ALL.

Here is the stance of the left, in my opinion: We think the messenger is stupid, we think the message is stupid and we think the receivers of the message are stupid for believing said message (500,000 people, btw). And if we keep saying it enough, people will think we are smart.

Am I the only one looking at the polls? Any polls? Anything that the left is in charge of is in jeopardy of being lost over the next two years. And to say anything otherwise is a joke. Are the majority of Americans idiots or has the left just not done a good enough job of showing them that the the country is actually being run the way that it should be? Because if it is, you should get to explaining the positives before November.

This is my gift to you. Now use it.


  1. I agree with you to a point. I wrote a letter not too long ago chewing them all out for sucking at their jobs.

    However, polls schmolls. Pepople say they are irritated with a politician's performance when they are polled, and then we see major elections go down with an almost 50/50 split. I sometimes think both sides complain and holler because they are frustrated that they aren't the majority. Neither group can claim to represent the majority of Americans.

    The right definitely has better game, which I also chewed my folks out for a few months ago. Make no mistake, however. Dr. Laura, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck are socially dangerous. They preach a hateful (yes, I used the word), divisive message meant to incite groups against non-white, non-Christian, non-conservatives. And they influence people to vote for the wrong reasons with misinformation. It's intentional, and the Republican Party doesn't shut it down or disengage from it because they need the votes. Their influence is scary, as seen on the signs and t-shirts of their followers, many of whom wouldn't know the US Constitution if it bit them on their presumptuous, self-righteous hineys.

    There is something seriously wrong when despite all information and evidence to the countrary, 20% of the country believes that the president is a muslim non-American. And they get that a lot of that stuff from Faux Noise.

    I am pleased to see that you and I agree on yet another point: Sarah Palin is not a politician.

  2. Here is, probably, another thing that we agree on. Polls are mis-leading (one s or two?). I haven't researched this, but I would imagine the polling question went something like this "Do you think that President Obama is a Muslim?" That is not a fair question. You will have a portion of the people who truly think that he is but you will have a greater portion that want to make a statement with their answer. Either way, the answer the polls are wanting has already been put into the responders head by the way the questions are worded. I think you would have seen a much different poll had the question been "What is the religious faith of President Obama?".

    Do I think President Obama is a Muslim????
    NO. I think he is a Christian.

  3. I'm sorry, but I have to wonder what sort of reality this argument is based in.

    Screaming about socialism and death panels and reverse racism is not "pointing out a weak agenda", it's making things up out of whole cloth that are demonstrably untrue. It's using highly charged buzz words to elicit an immediate negative response in their viewers. I, frankly, don't know how anyone can say otherwise.

    Second, it absolutely matters where the information is coming from. Sarah Palin makes things up. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh make things up. Simply accepting what they say as truth is ceding reality to people who have absolutely no interest in whether or not they're correct. Calling them out on the statements they make is asolutely legitimate and not at all attacking people. These are the thought leaders of the right. They should be held accountable for their statements, should they not?

  4. Oh, and I didn't mean the poll about Obama's religion was wrong (although I have no idea how the question was phrased). I meant that it's scary that "media outlets" such as We-contributed-a-bunch-'o-money-to-the-RNC Faux Noise actually influence people, to the tune of 20% of Americans belieive a lie, and saying they heard it from the media.

  5. @Sky Girl- That's how they do it though. Polling in and of itself, is not truth, it's perception of truth and shouldn't be taken as anything else. They all report polling results as "fact", but Fox News is particularly insidious.

    1) Fox News reports on a outlandish claim i.e Obama is a Muslim, but fails to discredit said claim.

    2) Fox commissions a poll asking "Do you think Obama is a Muslim?" 40-odd % say yes.

    3) Fox News presents poll finding as fact i.e Some people say Obama is a Muslim, some people say he's not. This is presented as "fair and balenced" to both sides, despite one side being correct, and the other being wrong.

    4) Suddenly the claim that Obama is a Muslim has credibility because it's being reported as a legitimate position that "some people" believe.

    In this way a network like Fox News can create, disseminate, and lend credence to absolute BS. They did it with "death panels", they did it with "bank bailouts' and their currently doing it with the hand-wringing over deficits while supporting extensions of tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

    So anything that the "Democrats" do pales in comparison to the right wing noise machine that has a massive media corporation trumpeting its agenda. (and no, the "liberal media" trope died in the 80s. Media has a bias towards power, particularly corporate power.) Democrats have nothing like it.