Sunday, March 28, 2010

At What Point Do You Cross The Line? Isn't There a Line????

We all know about the recent violence and threats of violence in the name of politics in recent days.  Bee turned me on to this one.  I'm sure there are others.  The climate out there has gotten just plain scary.

What I want to know is, when is using gun-rhetoric and violent language to promote your cause way across the line?  When do you have to stop? 

For example, if an Arabic-American who practices Islam posted a list of Democrat politicans on his/her Facbook page with crosshairs, what would happen to that person?  What if their post contained the language "it's time to take a stand." Would someone use racial profiling to call this person a potential terrorist? 

Can any citizen post this type of statement?  Can that citizen then go into the desert, rally a bunch of folks, and refer to his/her rally as a "Showdown?"  Can the individual tell people, regarding the recent violence, "Don't ever let anybody tell you to sit down and shut up, Americans!"

Can any citizen say, of a legislative decision, in a Tweet to thousands, "Don't retreat, instead -- RELOAD."

I guess the citizen can, if she is Sarah Palin.

Is there not a point at which someone is actually committing a crime here?  Is there not a point at which we arrest people for attempting to incite a riot?  Palin's recent actions might be considered illegal if most Americans attempted any of them.  They might have been interviewed by police to assess the threat.  And yet this irresponsible (illegal?) behavior is being tolerated.  Palin is dangerous, folks.  This is not a main-stream media or a liberal-blogger lie.  The woman has no discretion over her actions and is totally irresponsible.  When you applaud her, you are complicit in whatever damage may result.


  1. As you said, for SP there is no line.... but then it is beginning to seem that way for lots of Rethugs too.. There is no line they won't cross... such as Eric Cantor lying about his office being shot at... when it wasn't even his office... the addresses don't match and the police saying it was a random shot fired in the air which then went into a window on the ground floor... barely penetrating the room.

    No violence should be condoned and by not speaking out strongly against it.. they are in effect condoning it.

  2. @Tom/Peter: You're wrong. I would publish a comment that proves me wrong. I just won't publish ANY comments from YOU because of the vile names you call me in your hate-comments.

  3. Hey, Sky, thanks for the mention. Too bad it was about that article - man, that guy...honestly, maybe some of them need to have a valium and sit down for a bit to cool out.

    Don't know what t/p said, but here's the deal with blogs in general and my personal opinion on the matter: They are like a person's house. We decorate them as we see fit, we pay the mortgage (internet connection/server space if needed), and we don't put up with rudeness. If there is a point to be made, make it - otherwise, consider it like we invited you to dinner. Don't act like barbarians at the table, or we will exercise our bouncer rights. Anywho, that's my rule over at my digs.

  4. Oh, Tom/Peter Piper is a guy named Tom Alday who uses a server from the Board of Regents at the University of Georgia (though he sometimes uses some site called "hide my ass" that doesn't work to make it look like he's someone else). He stops by to curse at me regularly, call me a
    b*(^&, the usual. Most recently, while I've been having some health problems and not posting, he sent me a comment telling me this blog "is a total failure, like everything else in your life." Mind you, this person is a total stranger to me. He is just a wee bit obsessed with hanging out at my blog and insulting me, which I find something between flattering and scary. Since he comments under his regular name and has a wordpress blog, it's not like I'm outing him here.

  5. Sarah Palin reportedly deleted the "relaod" tweet yesterday, after the horrible shooting in Arizaon. It is too bad that it took this kind of incident to make her think that her words were inappropriate.

    While no politician or person can be totally responsible for the actions of another, in this case a mentally ill man, it seems obvious that this type of rhetoric has no place in our country. You never know what more fragile mind may be on the receiving end of your words. The extreme recklessness of those in party leadership positions needs to stop.