Friday, February 26, 2010

Why I Stopped Blogging

Those of you who used to hang out at The Corner know this isn't my first time around the blogging block.  I used to have a blog that was a nice mix of personal and political.  Some of you were regular readers.  We were linked in to Blog Net News, we and even got ranked once or twice.

After the 2008 election, I decided to delete the blog and take a break.  This was for two reasons in equal part.

1.  Time.  I work a full time job. I have two beautiful children, two dogs, a husband.  I'm busy.  I have a life.  It takes a lot of work to keep up with a blog, if you want it to be well-written and relevant.  I haven't had this blog up more than a few weeks and already it's slipping in the quality I would like it to have.

2.  Negative, nasty, rude bloggers.  Seriously.  There are people out there who think that because conversations or discussions are taking place in the blogosphere, it's ok to insult people's intelligence, call them names, send them nasty emails, and be generally hostile.  This attitude started to piss me off more and more, and I finally decided it just wasn't worth the negative energy.

I tell you this because although Reversing the Handbasket is only an infant, it's days may be short.  The things I found dreary in the last days of Corner of the Sky are already dragging me down.  I'm tired.  I don't have enough time.  And the attitudes?  Well, some people just got no clue how to address their fellow human beings.


  1. There's a difference between "heat" and harassment. I'm seeing a trend already.

  2. The worlds a tough place kemosabe, if she cracks under this little opposition then maybe she's not cut out.

    She doesn't get to post vicious attacks against Republcians then get all indignant when one dares to attack back. If she wants an echo chamber that's free of contrary opinions maybe she should stick to reading DailyKos and watching Jon Stewart.

  3. "The worlds a tough place kemosabe, if she cracks under this little opposition then maybe she's not cut out."

    What? Are you serious? The REAL world is a tough place, but this is the internet. By that staement you offered up right there, you just put yourself in the same league as a prepubescent kid talking shit on the internet not offering anything of substance, just shit talk. This is the shit that SkyGirl is talking about and she's right, but to me, it's just mentally draining when someone starts a fight on the internet. As I have said on many occaision, picking a fight on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, you're still retarded.

    Therein lies the possibility that I am wrong here, but if that's the case, then take SkyGirl's talking points and rebut them with something substantive rather than just silly smack talk. Give some opposition. Let's hear your REAL argument. Surely your better than resorting to childish troll tactics, I'd like you to prove it.

  4. Tom, I told you to say something if you have something to say. And still it's just a personal attack against a total stranger. A total stranger who conceded that the writing was poor on a post you criticized. Thanks for making my points for me. It really saves my energy for writing better posts.

  5. Hi Sky Girl,
    I've read a few of your excellent comments at Mikes.

    Your reaction to negative bloggers is understandable. When you have people with opposing viewpoints who stick to issues and facts the experience is enjoyable.

    Bloggers who post from ideology rather than research can be frustrating, particularly when they get personal.

    Possibly some moderation might help. Or just don't respond to those who you feel are disagreeable. The stress just ain't worth it!

  6. Oso, thanks for stopping by!

    I hate moderation, and have tried to avoid it. I'm trying to give Tom here every opportunity to change his ways. But yes, I am feeling like we may have to go the moderation route if it's going to be personal attacks rather than attacks on the issues.

    I have noticed this trend on other blogs. Someone doesn't like the points someone makes, so rather than attacking the issue, they attack the blogger. Mr. Alday seems to be of that ilk.

  7. Sky, first let me say that I find your writing impressive. On my blog, I welcome comments from all points of view with the restriction that the argument be civil and confined to issues, not insults against me, the blog, or other's who comment there. Were I you, I would ban this ... person and delete every comment he makes from now on.

  8. I'm going to tidy up some of the comments right now, as I'm not proud of my name-calling either (lost my temper, oops!). And now that I've written a post that makes my Lamar point more clearly, I really see no need to respond to any further comments by that guy, unless he has an actual dicussion point. Thanks for reading, TC!

  9. One of the advantages to having a WordPress blog is that you can BAN the trolls forever just by filling out the tiny little form on the admin page. It takes less than 30 seconds. So far I haven't had to do it but I am sure it is inevitable.

  10. I have gone through waves of extremely negative, personal comments on my blog for years. It has always been frustrating that the internet seems to draw bullies who have no ability to conduct a civil conversation. For a time, I used comment moderation (and may go back to it someday). It eliminates the spontaneity that is the hallmark of the internet, and there are those who insist that you are violating their First Amendment rights, but if it is your blog, you have every right to determine whose comments appear. Let the bullies have the courage to publish their own blogs and spew their own bile. Otherwise, they need to play by the rules or find some other game.

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Randy. Yeah, I've already caught some complaints from those who have had their comments blocked, but I'm always happy to post their comments when they'd like to join in the discussion in some way that conveys they are a thoughtful person will something to contribute rather than just a screaming troll.

  12. YVW, Sky

    Mike, that's one of the reasons I moved.