Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Job, Bond; As Expected, Blunt

Republican Senator Kit Bond (Missouri) doesn't do much that I support, but yesterday he was one of 5 Republican Senators who crossed the isle to support President Obama's job's bill.  I hit people pretty hard when I think they are being idiots, so here is a shout-out to Senator Bond for doing something right for once.

And speaking of being an idiot, my current Congressman, Roy Blunt (Missouri 7th District) is running for Senator Bond's seat as the Senator is retiring this year.  In his true support-nothing-the-President-or-any-liberal-suggested form, Rep. Blunt has stated he disagrees with Senator Bond's vote and would not have voted for the bill.

I wonder if it brings more jobs to Missouri, we can expect Mr. Blunt to be running around taking the credit, as he has for the stiumuls money he didn't vote for over and over and over?

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