Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Does it hold any meaning? Do you feel anything on the days that lead up to 9/11?

I wanted to try something a little different with this post. Let's leave politics alone for a moment and let's get real. What do you feel after 9 years? Are you still angry? Do you feel vulnerable? Do you feel a sense of pride? Are you sad? All of these emotions come in to play with me still to this day.

Let's make this about comments and I want to join the mix. Remember, no politics. This is about you and what you are feeling. Begin your comments...now.


  1. To me it is a sad day, however so are many others. Dec. 7th for one, and I see this as no different. Do I feel angry, no, do I feel vulnerable, no, do I feel pride.. about what?

    That's my feelings on this. It is just another sad day in history.

  2. I feel proud when I think of how the country came together for a short time and knowing that it could happen again. I feel pride when I think of the flight that went down in Shanksville, PA because some brave passengers, who knew what was going to happen said "Not with this plane", I feel proud I see our country pick itself up and hold its head high.

    How can you not feel vulnerable. I think that your head is in the sand if you can't look at the attempts, which have continued since 9/11, keep happening again and again and there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about it. And I don't mean that in a bad way. How do you watch every body? You can't. That's why I feel vulnerable.

  3. I don't feel any more vulnerable about terrorist attacks than I do about getting cancer, being hit by a drunk driver, or other event. Sometimes bad things happen. We are mortal beings living in an imperfect world. As long as there is prejudice, intolerance, money, and power, there will be those that will attack others for a multitude of reasons.

    When I think about the actual events of 9/11, I am proud of how the average american reacted. I am proud of how citizens responded and helped each other.

    I am upset when I think about how some people now invoke the images of 9/11 and use them today for personal and political gain. This is incredibly offensive to me.

    Out of respect for 9/11, I am not posting any of the recent blog post ideas I had in mind and letting this one sit on the top of the page until 9/12/10.

  4. Sky, it's good to see you back in the blogging mode.

    I don't tend to worry about things I have no personal control over - and I have no personal control over other people. It's a personal quirk.

    I don't pay any attention to the news on 9/11, nor the "memorials", et. al. I pretty much have that scene burned into my brain.

  5. I had a news free day yesterday, too. I have not watched the news on september 11 since 2002. I try not to watch tv at all. I also stay away from the internet.