Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fuck Fox News in the Face Until It Dies.

(apologies in advance for all the colorful language I am about to use)

This enrages me so fucking much:

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The dude who is filling in for Keith Olberman hits the main points of why this pisses me off, but please allow me one moment to expound on his points.

First, shut the fuck up, Fox News asshole du jour! In case you didn't know, that's the motherfucking President of the United States you're talking to, you disrespectful asshat.

Sub-issue: This is the same network that told me for eight years that I was not allowed to question the Executive Branch on anything, lest I be branded a terrorist sympathizer. The twin towers fall, we support the President. The Vice President shoots someone in the face, and it's unfair to make fun of him. New Orleans washes off the map, and we can't get pissed at the President. The Vice President keeps people-sized safes in his office, and I'm not even allowed to say that's creepy, at the risk of sounding unpatriotic.

Our entire financial system collapses on Bush's watch, and Fox News blames Obama. That is like getting mad at Pampers when your baby shits itself, Fox News! Go away!



  1. Holy Shit! I thought maybe you were over the top, D, until I watched the clip. Obama should have just walked out. Just got up and walked out. Disrespectful little piece of crap. He should be fired immediately. Whatever happened to respect for the office.

  2. He had to interrupt him because Obama doesn't know how to answer a question, all he can do is filibuster.

  3. He didn't get a chance to answer a question. This wasn't a roundtable discussion with a bunch of talking heads. When you interview the President, you ask a question, get an answer, and ask another question. If you need to redirect with a more pointed question after the answer, fine. But you don't keep rudely interrupting the President.

    On Facebook today I saw many talking about this and stating that W had been treated the same way by journalists when he was president. I have yet to have anyone take me up on my request to post some video of any person treating any sitting President as this jerk treats Obama in this "interview."

    My offer stands. I want to see video of any journalist treating any sitting President with the same basic disregard for the Office as this guy. I bet no one can find any.

  4. I don't know why some people have this idea that the President should be treated as some kind of fragile royalty that everyone is supposed treat with kid gloves. He works for us, we pay his salary so when he answers every question by launching into canned "campaign speak" I expect a journalist to call him on it. If they don't then we all might as well move to Venezuela. The job of the media is to question politicians, not bow to him and get all giddy about thrills up their leg when he talks.

  5. Yes, Waverly. I agree, to a point, that we have the right to question our leaders in this country. But that's not what's going on in this video. Did you get me a video of any other journalist treating a sitting President like this, yet?

    We treat the Office of the President with respect because when we become a nation with no repsect for anything, even our own highest office, we're no different than we are in real trouble of losing a basic part of who we are.

  6. Waverly should have treated Obama with the same decorum with which he treated Crawford Caligula.

    But do WHAT to Faux Noise? Why should I want to attempt a pleasurable act with such an ugly partner?

  7. Just because I'm critical of Obama don't assume I'm a Bush supporter. I voted for Obama, and I have some severe buyers remorse.

    With that said, are both of you actually insinuating that Bush got good treatment from the press? Like I said, no Bush fan here, but you both know that's some BS. Obama has had the media FAWNING over him since 2006, to cry bloody murder the second he gets some tough questions is pretty bad on your part.

  8. I didn't know we were actually talking about the quality of Bush's press. I thought we were talking about how journalists, or in the case of Fox News, "journalists," treat the President of the United States in an interview.

    "To cry bloody murder the second he gets some tough questions is pretty bad on your part."

    You won't hear me out fussing if someone asks him some tough questions. Respectfully. In a dignified manner. Call him "Sir" or Mr. President" during the entire interview. Ask away. Ask every tough question you have.

    But do it with the respect due the Office. That is what I've been trying to say all along.

  9. Waverly - It's simply about decorum, bottom line. Whether the media fawned over him or not is irrelavent. The questions weren't tough, don't get the shit twisted. When I hear questions, I like to hear answers and I hate it when ANYONE from the right OR left cuts a person off, it's irritating. I like Chris Matthews, but he drives me nuts. That whole interview was a wasted opportunity by Fox.

  10. Decorum? This is the same president that just a month ago didn't even classify Fox as a news organization and in fact openly attacks their credibility at nearly every opportunity, and you are surprised that they didn't go easy on him? You know that old saying, you reap what you sow?

  11. @Waverly - Fox is not a news organization. They're the propaganda wing of the Republican party and have zero credibility. They actively lie and intentionally mislead their viewers. They have a rather obvious agenda and Roger Ailes has admitted as much.

    And just for the record there's no way in hell you voted for Obama.

  12. @Waverly - my issue is not with the way the President is treated. My issue is the difference in the way Fox News treats the executive branch of our government now that a democrat is in office.

    More specifically, Fox News treated George W. Bush with kid's gloves, but treats Barack Obama like shit.

    exhibit A:

  13. Nate be me to it.

    Waverly - Fox is a News Entertainment channel, thought you knew. Seems like every single one of my brother-in-law's kin says that there isn't a single news outlet that's trustworthy other than Fox. This is coming, of course, from know rednecks, republicans and guys who9while in the safety of other white people) openly call balck people, "niggers". Kinda says a lot about them and the typical viewer. Living here in Missouri and Arkansas for vast amount of years, I can tell you that this is how they think.

    Oh, by the way, another thing about this part of your statement statement:

    "This is the same president that just a month ago didn't even classify Fox as a news organization and in fact openly attacks their credibility at nearly every opportunity"

    I don't hear him at "every opportunity" saying something about them. Tell me, if you get a speeding ticket or 2, are you a speed demon?

    Dude, seriously...