Sunday, February 28, 2010

Troll Alert! Troll Alert!

Sorry, folks, but I've taken the step I wanted to avoid and enabled comment moderation.  It make take awhile for your comments to appear, but I assure you, if they are to the point of the post and not attacking the author or other commenters, they will be posted.  Thank you putting up with this, at least for awhile.


  1. I woke up this morning to a big ole cussin' of me and CDM. Sorry about the moderation, but some people just can't learn to be civilized.

  2. Stopped by cause I got your back.Glad to see you took this step-you have a right to insist on a certain decorum.Not the same as censorship IMO.

    It's like a business in the mall with a lot of sometimes rowdy teenage traffic.Banning all teenagers would be like censorship, banning foul language and confrontational behavior for everyone would be like what you are doing.Makes a better environment.

  3. I have had problems too, don't know why I am totally harmless and non-controversial. Even when I moderated I was being trolled. Hope yours go away.

  4. Perfectly understandable, Sky. Thanks for updating Politics Plus new location in your blogroll.

  5. @Trolls: When I'm working (yep, some of us work), I can't publish comments as fast as I can on the weekends. NO ONE got any comments published for about the last 24 hours. Please do not send me "hate comments" about how I won't publish you until you are sure you've been blocked. Sheesh, it's your fault there is moderation in the first place. If you send me hate-comments, your actual comments are in danger of being thrown out with the rest of the trash.

  6. Waaaaa....
    Not fair....

    Is that Republican enough in tone for you? ;-)

  7. OK psycho-trolls, this is the last time I will stoop to dignify your crap with a response: Comments are stamped with the time the person writes them, not the time I approve them. Duh. If you've sent a bunch a comments and none of them are showing, perhaps you should take a hint and figure out that your comments, no matter what the topic, are no longer welcome here. You should possibly have taken the orignal message about not insulting the blog's authors and other commenters a bit more seriously. Good luck to you.

  8. I've found it so easly to moderate out the real hate mail. And the random hateful stuff from the anons. But it's the relevant but persistent downers that are harder to determine what to do with. I'll tell you what, Waverly. You are a troll of that ilk. Hanging out here day after day, being obnoxious, not really insulting anyone (most of the time), so I have no real reason to delete your comments. But walking the thin line. Calling me rude and snide because you think you are smarter than me (oh, wait, that got deleted). You are making the blog unpleasant for everyone.

    Be warned, Waverly and trolls of the like, if you subbornly repeat yourself over and over, making no sense, instead of stating your dissenting opinion and moving on to the next thing, and I think it is keeping other readers from commenting or having an enjoyable experience in the basket, you may find some of your more tedious comments unpublished.

    It's not "dishonest" when you've been warned ahead of time.

    Have a pleasant day!


  9. How nice of you to issue this vaguely worded warning to me in a month old post.

    You're the one insulting me by the way, questioning my intelligence and then you call me a troll? I try to be respectful, you're the one that brings the level of discourse down, not I.